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Well Evaluation Services

Our comprehensive well evaluation services are conducted by a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner and include:

  • Visual inspection of the well head, casing and well pit as applicable
  • Measurement of the water flow rate
  • Collection of a water sample for laboratory analysis for coliform bacteria and nitrates (tests for additional water contaminants may be included per request)
  • Production of a detailed evaluation report of the findings

If any problems arise during the evaluation, it will be recommended that a licensed well driller be contacted to make the necessary repairs.

To schedule a well evaluation,
contact Environmental Evaluations at 815.477.1912.
Please allow at least 2 weeks for the evaluation process to be completed.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Well

Properly maintained private water wells can provide property owners with a safe and convenient water supply year after year.

  • If the well head is damaged, contact a licensed well driller for immediate repairs.  Damaged well heads can allow contamination.
  • It is recommended that well water be tested annually for coliform bacteria and nitrates.
  • Keep a log of your well water tests, noting dates and results.
  • If you suspect your well is contaminated, do not drink the water.  Contact Environmental Evaluations.

For more information about caring for your water well system and water well testing, please contact your local health department.