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Septic System Evaluation Services

Our extensive septic system evaluation services are conducted by a Licensed Environmental Health Practitioner and include:

  • Inspection of the septic tank for defects and/or damage
  • Inspection of lift station if applicable
  • Septic system operation testing and inspection for evidence of previous or current failures
  • Inspection of the septic system drain field
  • Production of a detailed evaluation report of the findings

If any problems arise during the evaluation process or a septic system failure is identified, it will be recommended that a licensed septic contractor be contacted to make the necessary repairs.

To schedule a well evaluation,
contact Environmental Evaluations at 815.477.1912.
Please allow at least 2 weeks for the evaluation process to be completed.

Tips for Septic System Maintenance

Properly maintained septic systems can provide years of trouble free service.

  • It is recommended that septic tanks be pumped out every 2-3 years and inspected for damage.
  • Keep a service log for your septic system, noting dates and results.
  • Do not put hazardous chemicals down the drain or flush inappropriate materials in the toilet.
  • Learn the warning signs for a failing septic system.  Contact Environmental Evaluations for assistance.